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A Full Range of Services on All Makes and Models

Did you know that the average car consists of approximately 30,000 parts? Of course, this is an approximate number that varies between manufacturers, and it includes items down to the smallest detail, such as nuts and bolts. However, with so many individual parts spanning the mechanical and electrical systems, your car or van will eventually develop issues that require repair. With a full range of car repairs available, you can rely on us for all your needs.

Based in Sevenoaks, our company welcomes motorists from all surrounding areas, including Brasted, Hildenborough, Kemsing, Sundridge, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells. We take pride in the amount of trade we see through repeat custom, direct recommendations and positive word of mouth.

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brake repairs

You should always remain vigilant for changes in your vehicle’s performance as they typically indicate the need for repairs. Common examples include less responsive brakes, shaking in the steering wheel or a dashboard light switching on.

We understand you may want to wait and see if the situation simply resolves itself. In almost every case, however, this doesn’t happen. In fact, by delaying, you usually give a small issue more time to develop into a larger problem.

This can seriously compromise your safety on the road. And when you do finally visit us, you will likely face more downtime and costlier repairs, both of which you could have avoided with quicker action.

Covering All Car Repairs

Our in-house team shares over 80 years of industry experience. We have the perfect combination of traditional expertise and the latest in innovative tools and equipment. The latter includes vehicle diagnostics code readers. You can rest assured, no matter which approach we take, we quickly isolate any mechanical or electrical fault.

It’s impossible to cover all the repairs we undertake on this page. Instead, below we have listed the most common we carry out for our customers in and around Sevenoaks.

  • Brake Repairs

  • Clutch Repairs

  • Clutch Replacement

  • Oil Changes

  • Oil Filter Replacement

  • Coolant System Services

  • Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Air Conditioning Re-Gas

  • Various Filter Changes

  • Battery Replacement

  • Spark Plugs

  • Wiper Blades

  • Tyre Replacement

  • Steering Tracking and Repairs

The above list is by no means exhaustive. We perform repairs to all makes and models of car and van.

Alan Johnson Vehicle repairs also provides an MOT preparation and welding service. These car repairs focus on any issues that could result in the failure of your MOT.

Genuine OE Specification Parts

For added peace of mind, our company uses OE (original equipment) parts in our repairs. This means any replacement part or component we fit meets the same standards as those originally fitted to the vehicle. As a result, your repair work won’t compromise on safety or quality.

In addition to meeting quality standards, OE specification parts are also compliant with your vehicle’s warranty. If your car or van is still under warranty, it will almost certainly specify that any repairs must use genuine OE specification parts. Failure to meet these standards will likely void it.

To cover every eventuality in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas, however, Alan Johnson Vehicle Repairs also supplies aftermarket parts as and when needed.

Call 01732 450241 to speak with a member of our team in Sevenoaks about your vehicle-related problems and the car repairs needed to restore safety and optimal performance.

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