MOT Testing in Sevenoaks and the Surrounding Areas
A DVSA-Approved MOT Garage

When does your vehicle’s MOT certificate expire? It’s illegal to drive your car or van without this valid document. If you do so, you not only face a large fine, but you will also invalidate your vehicle’s insurance policy too. In addition, you won’t be able to renew your road tax. This is all because successful MOT testing confirms your vehicle meets current legal standards for roadworthiness, safety and exhaust emissions. A vehicle that has failed, or will likely fail, represents a risk to you, other motorists and the environment.

Based in Sevenoaks, Alan Johnson Vehicle Repairs is a DVSA-approved MOT garage. We have a well-earned reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability, so we welcome motorists from all neighbouring areas, including Brasted, Hildenborough, Kemsing, Sundridge, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells.

MOT Testing

When we pass your vehicle, you receive a new MOT certificate with 12 months validity. Because you can book your MOT up to a month before your current certificate expires, we add any time in-hand from the old document to the new one.

Most vehicles aged 3 years or over require an MOT by law. To book yours with our time-served team, please contact us. Our garage has a dedicated MOT ramp onsite, keeping the chances of delays to an absolute minimum.

For complete car care, you can also visit our MOT garage in Sevenoaks for car servicing.

MOT Testing | An Overview of Our Service

You can visit our MOT garage for the following classes of MOT:

  • Class 4 – The MOT required for all passenger cars and goods vehicles with a gross design weight up to 3,000kg

  • Class 7 – The MOT performed on commercial goods vehicles with a design gross weight between 3,000kg and 3,500kg

If you are unsure which class your vehicle falls into, we are more than happy to clarify.

The MOT itself is a multi-point checklist of internal and external features. It represents your vehicle’s yearly health check. As a visual test only, we cannot remove or change the parts and components we inspect.

Each feature on this list receives either a ‘pass’, ‘advisory’ or a ‘fault’ which falls into one of the following categories:


These are not an immediate risk to safety. However, you should return to our MOT garage soon for the necessary repairs. Your vehicle can still pass its MOT with only minor faults.


These faults are a risk to your safety and that of other motorists. In addition, they could also have a detrimental impact on the environment. If your vehicle has one or more major faults, we can only pass the MOT after carrying out the appropriate repairs.


These faults are an immediate risk to the safety of you and other motorists. If we find dangerous faults during MOT testing, they result in instant failure. You must not drive a vehicle with dangerous faults again until they have undergone repair.

When your car or van passes its MOT, we present your new certificate. You’re free to get back out on the road again without delay.

What Happens After MOT Failure?

If you haven’t left your MOT to the last minute, there’s no need to panic if your vehicle fails. You will still have an MOT certificate with some remaining validity. As long as we haven’t found any ‘dangerous’ faults, you can legally drive away on the same day.

However, we will hand you a VT30 certificate after the failed test. This document lists your vehicle’s details, the test number and the reasons for the failure.

Alan Johnson Vehicle Repairs can only issue a new MOT certificate following the repair of the faults that caused the failure. By far the fastest and most efficient solution in this regard is to leave your vehicle with us for the repairs. This not only minimises vehicle downtime, but it also means you only need a partial retest covering the original faults.

If you put off these repairs for over 10 days, you must book another full MOT testing.

Call 01732 450241 to book your MOT testing with us. Find out what makes Alan Johnson Vehicle Repairs the trusted MOT garage in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas.

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