Vehicle Diagnostics in Sevenoaks and the Surrounding Areas
Rapid Solutions for Electrical and Mechanical Faults

Have you felt a change in the performance of your car or van? Perhaps it’s a shaking in the steering wheel, less sensitive brakes or drifting to one side while driving in a straight line. In other cases, it may be less apparent, but visible in the form of an illuminated dashboard light. There’s an understandable urge to take a ‘wait and see’ approach in the hope that the issue will resolve itself. However, this rarely, if ever, happens. To reset your dashboard light, you must visit Alan Johnson Vehicle Repairs for vehicle diagnostics checks.

Based in Sevenoaks, we welcome motorists from all surrounding areas to our garage. Discerning vehicle owners in Brasted, Hildenborough, Kemsing, Sundridge, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells trust us for complete car care. Contact us to arrange your next vehicle diagnostics check.

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At the first sign of a change in vehicle performance, or as soon as a light on your dashboard comes on, visit us as soon as possible. Delaying only encourages small issues to develop into bigger, costlier and more disruptive problems.

You don’t even need to have an issue to visit us for a diagnostics check-up. Current industry guidelines advise undertaking this service once a year, whether you have a clear problem or not.

You can rely on us to perform any repairs needed following your vehicle diagnostics test.

What Are Vehicle Diagnostics Checks?

Alan Johnson Vehicle Repairs performs manufacturer-standard diagnostics tests to find undiagnosed or hidden problems with your car or van. Using the latest in innovative code readers, we can find the answers you’ve been looking for with a rapid turnaround.

Modern vehicles are technologically advanced machines. As such, they can develop just as many electrical faults as mechanical problems. With an onboard ECU (engine control unit) connected to a network of microchips and sensors, your vehicle is adept at monitoring its own performance.

When this system detects a fault, it alerts you as the driver by illuminating the appropriate light on the dashboard. At the same time, the system also stores a fault code in the ECU.

Upon arrival at our garage, we plug a code reader directly into your vehicle’s ECU. This allows us to download the fault code and cross-reference it against the information provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Within minutes, vehicle diagnostics checks provide a complete picture of what is wrong with your car or van. The process eliminates lengthy troubleshooting operations as well as misdiagnosis during a manual inspection.

As a result, Alan Johnson Vehicle Repairs saves you time and money while keeping disruption and downtime to a minimum. Most importantly, you can get back on the roads without delay.

What Faults Do Diagnostics Tests Find?

Our team in Sevenoaks uses diagnostics code readers to identify an array of problems, including:

  • Issues with Engine Management

  • Problems with Brakes

  • Coolant and Air Temperature

  • Crankshaft Problems

  • Fuel Injector Performance

  • Engine RPM Levels

  • Engine Timing Issues

  • Camshaft Position

You can rely on us to perform the repairs needed following your vehicle diagnostics test.

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